Cosmic Wonder

Welcome to the Definiti Space Theater. We're glad you are able to join us for today’s presentation of Cosmic Wonder.
Before we begin, please silence your phones and turn off any other devices that emit light.
Did you get that penny when you entered the theater? That's our gift to you—don’t spend it all in one place! Seriously, though, hold on to it. We will use it during the show; and we welcome you to keep it as a souvenir to remember this experience.
We will explore the story of Cosmic Wonder with some of the same software used by astronomers—World Wide Telescope, developed by Microsoft Research.
We will turn this theater into a virtual observatory, one that can pull in and stitch together the best imagery from telescopes across the globe as well as in orbit above it.
Along with the most modern concepts, we’ll also explore historical ideas, assisted by images from the Adler’s collections.
Throughout time humans have engaged with the cosmos through an ongoing cycle of wonder, observation and discovery. It is a cyclical process that allows us to learn from the past, and push toward the frontiers of tomorrow.
Notice Earth just above the front horizon of the theater. As soon as you see it begin to come toward you, press the Start button.