Welcome to the Universe

Before we begin, please turn off any cameras, or other recording devices that you may have with you. Also, if you have any other devices that emit light or sound, please darken their screens, and silence them, so as not to distract those around you. Finally, if you need to leave the theater while the show is in progress, please use the doors in the back of the theater. Be advised, you will not be re-admitted for safety reasons.
This theater is programmed with astronomical data from observatories around the globe and from spacecraft beyond Earth’s atmosphere. We use this information to create stunningly real visualizations of deep space. These tools also allow us to leave the surface of the Earth and explore our planet from space.
Today, we’ll be taking a two part journey. First, we’ll head out into space, look back at the Earth, and view some of the latest data coming from NASA’s Earth Observing system. Then, we’ll turn this theater into a virtual space ship and take a billion light journey out through the Universe.
Press start as soon as you see the night side of the earth moving on-screen.